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How to Choose the Best Cardio Workout for Your Goals

Fit woman jogging outside

If you're pursuing a weight or fat loss goal, you often need to do some cardiovascular exercise to burn more fat to achieve the results you want.  

Cardio is a great addition to your workout routine to help increase your results, get the results you want quicker, and burn more fat. The problem is a lot of people don't do the best cardio exercise suited for them. Many people see these extreme forms of cardio that look very difficult but provide results, and they think that's what they need to be doing to get maximum results.

While this could be good for more advanced people, if you try to do a cardio workout that's too hard, it won't give you the benefit you need to see the fat loss you want and could increase your chance for injury. You need to do cardio that is best suited for your fitness level to see the best result and continue increasing from there. 

Today, we will discuss the best cardio workout for the average person and why everyone should do it, no matter their fitness level.

What is the best cardio workout for the average person? 

Woman jogging outside

In my opinion, walking is the best form of cardio for most people, and this is because you can do this at any level. You could not be in very good shape and walk or you could be an all-star athlete and still walk.

It doesn't matter who you are; walking is great for anyone looking to lose extra fat and can easily boost your results. In addition to all of the weight loss benefits, walking can also keep your metabolism up and help you achieve many other body benefits, such as increased strength in your muscles and bones and an improved mental state.

Walking is also low-impact and saves your joints, ensuring that you don't injure yourself, making it an excellent activity for most people.

1. Short walks

Woman jogging up steps

If you want to start walking, one of the best ways to do this is with microwalks. Microwalks are short walks that you do throughout the day that are around 10 minutes or so. You'll want to do these several times a day until you get to at least 30 minutes of walking for the whole day. Generally, after a meal is a good time do a microwalk, as this will help with digestion and movement in the body. 

Microwalks are a great option, too, because they are time-friendly. You don't have to do a big 30-minute walk all at once. You can do one in the morning for a few minutes, one at lunch, and one after dinner, and you'll have reached your goal. This makes it a great option for everyone, even those with a busy schedule.

This level of consistent movement throughout the day also ensures that you keep your body moving so you don't sit too much or become too lethargic.

2. 30-minute walks

Two fit women walking together in the woods

If you aren't a fan of microwalks, that's okay, too. However, you still need to make sure you get your walk-in. So, if you don't want to walk multiple times a day, just find a good chunk of time for at least 30 minutes to walk. Anything longer than that you can do as well, and that's even better.

However, ensure you get at least one 30-minute walk in each day to reap the health and weight loss benefits of walking. 


Overall, if you want to get cardio in at any fitness level, walking is a great option. It's low-impact, calming, and an easy way to burn some extra calories. You can also walk at different levels, incorporate fast walking into your routine or carry light weights with you to increase the benefits further.

Whatever you do, just make sure you get at least 30 minutes of walking in each day, either through microwalks or one long walk. If you do this at any level of fitness, you will see a ton of health benefits and faster results in no time. 

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