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How to do a glute ham raise WITHOUT a glute ham raise!

The glute ham raise is an extremely beneficial exercise for anyone looking to build their posterior chain. This exercise is great for competitors and also lifestyle training clients. One issue that always comes up is that sometimes people train at gyms or facilities that don't have it.

GHD glute ham raise
GHD Glute ham raise

Here is exactly how you can still take advantage of this amazing exercise without the machine itself!

The best variation i like to suggest to clients without the machine is the lat pull down version. Even if your gym doesn't have an actual Glute ham raise machine they should at the very least have a lat pull down machine. If they don't, stop reading this post and cancel your gym membership.

Lat pull down machine
No GHD? Use this machine

Heres how you do it...

1. Start by setting the weight stack to the right level of resistance.

2. Kneel facing away from the machine with the backs of your calves against the pad. Hold the double-cable rope attached in both hands just behind your head, with your elbows pointing up.

3. Slowly lower your upper body towards the ground, keeping your core braced.

4.Then quickly return to the starting position by contracting your hamstrings.

Glute ham raise on lat pull down machine
GHD/GHR on Lat pull down machine

Progressively you can lower the weight used on the rope and then develop to the point where you don't need it at all!

Enjoy those glute ham gains!

-Coach Ry

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