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Are Free Weights Better Than Machines for Building Muscle?

Free weights on the ground

If you have a specific fitness goal, you'll often need strength or resistance training to help you achieve your desired results. Maybe you want to bulk up, get stronger, or tone out your body. Whatever it is, strength or resistance training will help you get there, and that means using weights or equipment. 

Now, there are all kinds of machines in the gym, and there are all kinds of free weights in the gym. So, how do you know the best option for you that will get you the results you want the fastest?

Are free weights better than machines? Today, we'll compare gym machines vs. free weights and tell you which is better for maximizing your results to help you achieve your goals at the fastest rate possible. 

1. Free weights

Dumbbells in the gym

In my opinion, the best form of training is with free weights. Free weights allow your body to move freely while you work out. They help to stimulate natural movement in the body that we have done for thousands of years, such as picking something up, putting something down, carrying things, living things, and pressing things, which all help increase muscle engagement and give you a better workout. 

Not to mention, free weights can be done at any fitness level. You can start with just one-pound weights and work your way up to hundreds and keep growing stronger, making them great for beginners or advanced people alike.

Overall, free weights are the best option for anyone looking to get a good workout that will engage the most muscle and maximize their results. 

2. Gym machines 

Woman using gym machine

As for gym machines, I don't really suggest them because they are built mostly for the gym, not for the person in the gym.  

Most gym machines will have you sitting in the same spot with a machine that only does one thing. You are probably going to the gym so you aren't sitting around as much, but by using a machine, you're sitting again, and obviously, it's not as beneficial to exercise sitting down. Not to mention, most gym machines will only stimulate one form of movement pattern and not necessarily a natural one. 

On top of that, many gym machines don't even necessarily fit every type of person or their body, which creates another problem. Not to mention, when you're doing free weights, you're getting compound movements and working several muscle groups at once. This is compared to a machine that usually isolates one muscle group, limiting you once again and making you miss out on maximum results. 

Overall, the gym will have a ton of people paying for memberships to use their machines, and for what? Just to have you sitting and making unnatural motions that aren't maximizing results and aren't inclusive to everyone? Of course, this is very good for the gym and its income, as more and more people will keep coming in to use the machines, but it's not good for the person who goes there. You won't get the best workout you could, won't get to optimize your muscles, and won't get to achieve your goals at the fastest rate.

It's not to say you can't get results with machines, but are they the best option for maximizing your results in the best way possible for your body? Absolutely not. 

Are free weights better than machines?

Barbell in the gym

Overall, free weights are the best equipment to use to achieve your results, in my opinion. They give you a free range of motion, are more natural for your body, more inclusive to your muscle groups, and are great for everyone, regardless of fitness level. That being said, is there a place for gym machines? Sure. If you've done free weights and you've advanced yourself and want to use a machine for a specific reason, then go for it. 

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