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Comfortable Dedication

I think it’s fair to say that most all people have goals, and most all people will say they want to accomplish them. But the question is not if you want to succeed but more so how much. When you are striving to reach a goal there is a place where most all people get stuck. I’m going to call this "Comfortable Dedication". You are willing to work for your goals but not willing to sacrifice enough to reach them. This throws you into a cycle where you get closer and closer to your goal but at the same time it continues grow further away. This is cycle repeats itself over and over until you lost your motivation and inevitably lose your opportunity to succeed.

Right now you need to sit down and think about your goal. What is it that you want? How are you going to reach it? Now what are you willing to sacrifice? If the answer to that final question is anything less then everything you need to rethink your approach to success. unlock your mind and get to a place where you are so driven for success that you are willing to lose everything in its pursuit.

You need to be willing to fail if you want to succeed.

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