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Will You Get Quarantine Muscle Loss?!

I know a lot of people are BEYOND worried about losing all their hard earned GAINZ during this quarantine we have all been going through. You spent years and years building your body in the gym, can you really get results training at home?

As this pandemic has unravelled you can for sure bet that i have spent a considerable amount of late night hours converting all my clients and athletes to at home workouts. Honestly when gyms started to close it seemed every 5 minutes i was getting another request for "home training" and addressing many of the same questions worrying about results loss and progress loss etc. Many of my athletes and clients actually went into this quarantine with actually ZERO equipment. Some had some dumbbells or bands laying around somewhere and very few had any real gym equipment at home.

As a coach, i know that the actual science of bodybuilding, anatomy and health and fitness really shows that its not about specific equipment, but more so keeping a demand on the muscles at work. This means even if you can't rack up a ton of plates at the gym or use your favorite machines you can still find other ways to put demand on the body. If you know how to properly apply demand on the body and can target it through a proper at home training program, you not only can maintain your results but you can even make progress training at home.

Does your programming have to be custom? Yes. Probably more than ever.

Do you still need to train and bring intensity to your workouts even at home? Yes. Probably more than ever.

Can you still come out of quarantine with new results and stay on track with your fitness goals? Yes. Probably more than ever.

The muscles in your body have zero idea what weight you are lifting, if its a dumbbell or a barbell or if its your favorite fancy cable machine. All your muscles know is the demand placed on them. The tempo, the tension, the load and the volume.

And guess what? You don't need and fancy equipment to do any of that.

What you do need is a proper training program that takes your body and your goals into consideration.

Now for most of my clients and athletes we are looking at just about 6-7 weeks under the no gym lockdowns and i have some exciting news to report.

Our clients and athletes are PROGRESSING through quarantine. Even those using zero equipment.

I think thats extremely important to note.

So many people out there i know continue to want to get back to the gyms and trust me i get it. But that doesn't mean you can't do the best where you are with what you have. In fact that is exactly what you should be going.

If you stopped training because you don't have the gym, if you quit eating right because you don't have the gym, if you gave up on any goal because you don't have the gym, then guess what?

You don't deserve results.

One day, your gym will be back. And how will you show up? will you be the person that gave up and comes back out of shape? or will you be the person that walks through the door leading the pack?

Do what you can where you are with what you have and never be satisfied.

We will get through this.

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