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The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Reverse Dieting

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Have you just completed a diet but are struggling to keep the weight off again as you returned to your regular diet? You finally reached your goal, but now it seems like you’re taking several steps in the wrong direction? If this is you, you’re not alone. This is actually a very common problem and is often caused by not managing your calories properly after your diet. 

There’s nothing worse than losing all the progress you made after working so hard to reach the body of your dreams. So, what’s the best way to prevent this so you don’t lose all your gainz? It isn’t going on another diet or having to micro-manage your nutrition forever––it’s learning to master a reverse diet. 

Reverse dieting is crucial to losing weight and keeping it off, but it is something people rarely do, which is why so many backtrack after their diet. Reverse dieting can be complex to understand, but there are a few basics that are important to learn and follow if you want to start getting into it and incorporating it into your life to keep the weight off.

Today, I’m going to briefly break down some of the key aspects of reverse dieting for you so you can start to implement it into your life to achieve and keep your dream body once and for all. 

What is reverse dieting? 

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To start, reverse dieting is the act of reversing a diet that you’ve done previously. When you go on a regular diet, you tend to cut calories, slowing your metabolism. But with a reverse diet, you do the opposite. This is where you carefully start adding more calories into your diet at a steady pace and continue raising them to boost your metabolism back up without putting on too much fat. Through this strategic form of dieting, you’re able to add lean muscle while also maintaining a lower body fat percentage. 

Now, you may think that reverse dieting doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually crucial to your dieting success. The reason reverse dieting is so important is because so many people tend to bounce back to their old weight immediately following their diet when they don’t do reverse dieting. This is because your metabolism is a lot slower after you diet. You aren’t used to consuming as many calories as you used to when you were on a diet, so when you try to transition back immediately without a plan, you end up gaining a ton of fat very quickly and end up getting into a bad spot with your weight immediately following your diet. 

In fact, around 95% of people fail at dieting in general because they don’t do a reverse diet afterward. This is because many people tend to diet, and once they hit their goal, they’re done. That’s why doing reverse dieting is so important, as it can help you transition back to your normal calorie level in a safe and healthy way without backtracking on your weight.

How to start a reverse diet

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Now, getting started with reverse dieting is simple. Instead of immediately returning to your normal diet, you need to transition slowly in a controlled and calculated way to ensure you aren’t putting on a ton of weight. That means you need to start adding calories slowly back into your diet, and also, make sure you’re tracking your progress so you know if you’re taking in too many calories or not enough. That means doing body stats, scale weight, and other things to track where you’re at to get yourself into a good spot.

When we track, we also want to focus on the macros that you’re lowest in. For most people, that will likely be carbs due to being on a diet. So, you want to start adding some carbs back in, a little bit of fats, and some proteins here and there until you reach the right level. Realistically, for the most success, you should do this in small amounts that are less than a hundred calorie increases at a time to ensure you’re not doing to much. 

A good practice for this is to do a small increase, then wait a week, do a check-in, and see where everything is at. From there, you can see how you need to adjust. You’ll either want to continue adding more calories each week if the progress looks good, or you’ll want to cut back if you’re gaining too much too fast. The most important thing is making sure you’re getting the correct calorie count with the proper calculation, which can vary per individual, so it’s always important to talk to a professional to make sure you find the proper balance point for you. Otherwise, you're just going to be wasting time and ruining your results.

Get a coach 

Man holding phone with diet tracking app open

Reverse dieting is challenging to do yourself, which is why so many people fail at it. I can’t emphasize enough how hard it is to manage and track it yourself and do it efficiently. That’s why it is essential to get yourself a coach. 

A coach can help you figure out what that exact calorie point is that you need to be hitting each day to properly do a reverse diet based on your individual variables, as well as help you determine what macros you’re lowest in to help you make the most optimal progress. This can save you a ton of time and energy and a lot of trial and error. And this can be done right from your phone.

If you are looking for an experienced coach to help you with the trials and tribulations of reverse dieting, reach out to my team, and I’d be happy to help you. You can go to the website and click the contact button, and we’d be happy to help and talk you through anything you need. 


Reverse dieting is crucial to your dieting success and crucial for keeping the fat you lost off. If you want to achieve lasting results and build a body you’re proud of, reverse dieting is a must. 

Don’t be discouraged by the complexity of reverse dieting. It doesn't have to be hard, and you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out and contact us, or try our 7-day free trial, and we can help you get started, answer any questions you have, and help you figure out the best plan for you.

Our 7-day free trial is 100% free with no strings attached where you can talk to an expert coach and have them answer any of your questions and help you figure out what’s right for you. Reach out and let’s get you making the gainz you deserve without any fear of backtracking. 

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