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TeamFFLEX and Wellspring Integrative Medicine are teaming up to provide you a one of a kind experience to get you the hormone answers you need!

Wellspring Integrative Medicine and TeamFlex have partnered to offer clients a comprehensive approach to weight loss. A unique collaboration of medical consultations as well as individualized training and nutrition guidance provides an all-inclusive method for weight loss. We believe that weight loss is more than “calories in, calories out”. Achievable goals, lifestyle changes, and supporting foundations for health are key for targeted weight loss. At Wellspring, we focus on establishing favorable conditions for losing weight, which is why we address stress, sleep, activity, diet, hydration, metabolic dysfunction and hormone imbalances. 

Unlike other programs, our collaborative efforts between Wellspring and TeamFlex with focus on correcting hormonal imbalances and being your best version of yourself!

Wellspring Integrative Medicine services provided: 



  • Medical consultations with a Naturopathic Physician to discuss pertinent medical history and address weight loss goals 

  • Laboratory analysis with an at-home lab kit

  • Three check-in visits throughout the year

  • Custom nutritional recommendations for your coach to help you implement as needed based on labs and your unique health

  • Individualized recommendations for supplementation 

Our at-home lab kits test several different metabolic and hormonal markers that include: 

  •     Estradiol 

  •     Progesterone 

  •     Testosterone 

  •     DHEA-S 

  •     Salivary Cortisol x 4 

  •     Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 

  •     Vitamin D3 

  •     Insulin 

  •     HbA1c 

*Wellspring Integrative Medicine is not a primary care providers and that conditions past weight loss and metabolic health need to be managed by a PCP.

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