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In the gym training hard, counting your reps, tracking your sets, lifting heavier and heavier making all kinds of gains! That’s all you need to do right? Just keep lifting?


Well sure, you can go that route. But if you want to get even better results you need to tap into the benefits of self myofascial release!


Ryan, what the hell is self myofascial release? Why are you using such big words?

Hold on!

Im going to tell you right now!


Self myofascial release is a technique that deals with the fascial lines of the human body.

Fascia is basically like a spider web that’s underneath the skin and covers all our muscles and connective tissues. In fact, if you eat meat you have probably seen it on chicken breast or steak as that white webby looking tissue.


Fascia is responsible for making sure all the muscles of the body can slide and glide accordingly and it is a huge part of how well we can perform specific movements and maintain mobility.


As part of our everyday lives, sittingfor too long, training out of alignment or just having poor posture causes parts of this tissue to become over active and tight while overs will become loose and relaxed. Most often than not, this leads to chronic pain or injury.


You basically perform all exercises out of alignment if you do not address these mobility issues.


Ever had neck pain that just won’t go away? What about shoulder? Knee? Elbow ? How about low back?


If you said yes to any of the above you probably have some postural issues to address and self myofascial release is a great way to kick it into high gear!


So how the hell do you do it right?


It’s simple! Basically you will be performing a self-massage technique.


For this you will need some type of rolling object. It can be a foam roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball or other massage type item.


The premise is simple.


Roll on these areas, compress the tissue and make it release tension thus improving posture, mobility and over all wellbeing.

Let’s do one together,


The upper back and neck is a pretty bad zone for most of us from using computers, talking on the phone, texting all day etc.


Let’s address it shall we?


First I want you to check in with yourself.


Put your arms over head, turn your head side to side, up and down etc and just pay attention to how it feels. Any pains? Tension?


Note them now and we will check again later.


Go get a ball of some sorts. Tennis ball, Lacrosse ball, Baseball, Chew toy , whatever!


Now find some open wall space.


Put your back to the wall and place the ball on your upper back. Think the area you would get a massage. Soft tissue is best.


Don’t roll on your bones or spine. This just won’t feel good.


Now press your body hard into the ball and slowly move around letting the ball roll through the soft tissue of your upper back.


WARNING: This may hurt like a MF. If your tissue is tight its going to hurt. This is not a bad thing. This actually means you really really need it.


Roll slowly and let the ball dig deep!


Stay on 1 side for 1 minute then do the other side.


Now come off the wall and move around a little bit.


Feels pretty different doesn’t it?


We just addressed one very small part of the posterior back line of fascia tissue.


Now almost immediately you can feel the difference right?


Do that check in with yourself again and see if you can notice any changes.


Something changed am i right? Maybe better mobilty? Less pain? 


Imagine what that can do for your health overall and your training in general?

This is but a small taste of what you can do with self myofascial release. You can do this for nearly every part of your body and any compensatory patterns or pains you may be experiencing.


These patterns can sometimes be hard to identify so feel free to message me if you need help figuring it out!


In the meantime,just experiment and have fun learning a bit more about your body.


For beginners, I would suggest staying to the wall.


Try your back, shoulders, chest etc.


This type of mobility can be done daily and overtime it will dramatically improve your overall function in the gym and in life in general.


Have fun with it!


Your coach,





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