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You’re motivated, you’re driven, you have a vision and you’re ready to experience the sweet taste of muscle gains. But where do you start? Don’t charge out the gate without a plan in mind. Before you build a house you make a blueprint. After the blueprint comes the foundation. The foundation is which the rest of the structure is built upon. The final pieces, the aesthetics and eye catching materials come last standing proud atop the foundation. Without a strong foundation the house will fall. Your body is the house.  Build a strong foundation and the success of your goals will be that much stronger. They will stand the test of time.


4 Pillars of human movement

The 4 pillars are the basic functions are body should be able to perform on a daily basis. More often than not we tend to completely neglect at least one if not several pillars of movement. As a beginner, to be successful in reaching your goals you must be proficient in these movement patterns.


Gait or locomotion

This is as simple as walking or running but includes things such as bounding or jumping. Our bodies were designed to do this on a day to day basis as we were all hunters and gatherers. In today’s society it is fairly easy to go extended amounts of time without accomplishing some form of locomotion as exercise. To strengthen your body and further prevent your chances of injury try to get outside off the pavement. Take a hike, run a trail. Move how your body is designed to move and learn what it feels like to be human.

Gait or Locomotion exercises

Go outside and move.


 Level Change

Level change includes any motion where we are bending or extending at the waste. This includes Deadlifting, Lunging, Squatting etc. Again we as humans should perform some type of these movements day to day but rarely do. Try to think about the last time outside of a gym you completed a squat with full range of motion?  You go from the bed, to the car, to the chair, to the toilet all without ever squatting into a full range of motion. Level change exercises are often considered the king compounds of muscle and strength development. Adapt your body to these movements regularly and you will be successful in building your strength.

Level Change Basic Exercises





Pushing and Pulling

Pushing and pulling is the basic foundation of movement. We use these movement patterns everyday on a small scale. But really you should be able to successfully push and pull at least your own body weight through the environment, yet a lot of us have lost this ability. Focusing on increasing your strength using your body as resistance is highly effective for building a strong foundation of strength.

Pushing and Pulling exercises

Push up

Pull up



This is probably the most neglected movement pattern of all.  This is the most important movement in our entire body. This is how our body transfers force or power during any movement pattern. We need to train rotation more to ensure we have adequate amount of strength in this pillar of movement. You can simply add rotation to almost any exercise.

Rotation exercises

Add rotation to any exercise


Focusing on the pillars of human movement will bring an increase in strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Become proficient and strong in these movements and you will soar above others as you add resistance. 




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