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TEAMFFLEX Referral Program

Hey Fit Fam!

As my on going development to make this the best team in the world I am starting a new referral program for all of you today basically just giving you a referral credit for anyone you refer to TeamFFLEX!


We have sever tiers of this explained below. The program starts now!


All Referrals 

Any referral you send us that purchase a program (trials to not count) will get you $100 per referral (can be used for store credit, to pay your monthly teamfflex payment or just sent to you via PayPal as money)

The Payout scale!


Any Referral- $100 - Any referral anytime!

Bronze Bonus- $300 - 4 referral sign ups within a 30 day period.

Total payout : $700

Silver Bonus- $1000 - 8 referral sign ups within a 45 day period. 

Total payout : $1800

Gold Bonus - $2000 - 12 referral sign ups within a 60 day period. 

Total payout : $3200


These bonuses are paid to you ON TOP of the referral payment itself! So for example, if you made Silver bonus of 8 referral sign ups in 30 days then you would receive a referral credit of $100 per each ($800) PLUS the silver bonus of $1000 for a total of $1800! 

*Use the button below to report any referrals you make! Be sure to include the referrals full name!*

*please note that to be eligible for referral bonuses your referrals must be on a Main Tier Annual Coaching Option. Trials, TeamFFLEX university, FFLEX Daily and month to month memberships are not eligible*


As of today this program is LIVE! Thank you for being a part of TeamFFLEX

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