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The TeamFFLEX Preggo Fit program is a complete online coaching experience designed for women who want to stay strong and healthy before during and after pregnancy! Our program covers everything from pregnancy safe training to nutrition. 



1. Complete Program Overview

Preggo Fit is a highly detailed and comprehensive online training experience that will walk you step by step through the process of staying healthy and strong during all stages of pregnancy.  This program is powered by our TeamFFLEX coaching app which allows you to get coaching from anywhere in the world. Everything you need with training, nutrition, check ins, stat tracking and contacting your coach.

2. Preggo Fit Training Program

Preggo Fit is designed custom for you. Your training program will be tailored for your specific body and expertly designed just for you. Using the TeamFFLEX app you will be able to view videos, track your sets, reps and weights and be guided completely through each training session. 


3. Preggo Fit Nutrition Program

Preggo Fit Nutrition program will teach you the foods to eat to help stay strong and healthy through pregnancy. This nutrition program is custom for you and allows you to choose the foods you eat. 

4. Your Own Preggo Fit Coach

Preggot Fit is not a generic "one size fits all" type of program you can find online. Preggot Fit is built specifically for you and your goals by your own expert online coach. The program will be adapted and adjusted as needed to keep throughout the program stages.



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TeamFFLEX Coaching App Transformation pregnancy transformation

“Haley has been amazing! I chose to work with her because I was freshly postpartum with my 3rd baby and she has a reputation for completely transforming mothers into their best selves. We were also high school classmates and challenged each other in our weightlifting class back in the day! In the beginning, just doing the movements and completing a workout was challenging, but Haley cheered me on every week and made sure I was doing all the right things at my own pace. Even when my life got challenging with two toddlers, an infant, and a sick husband, she made sure I could still do my workouts and get back on track. She constantly reminded me how important mental health is as well as physical health. Even when it came to healing my core after having three large babies, she made sure it was taken care of properly. Before I met her, I didn’t know what a macro was, I didn’t know I was over eating and under eating at times and I was definitely not eating enough protein! All through my prep, Haley checked in and gave me what I needed to bring home two medals from my first show! I never once stepped into a gym and I did all my workouts from home. I am excited to keep working with Haley and see where we go! Thank you for healing my mindset and my body, Haley!! You’re seriously the best! - Dana”

*Your results may vary.

Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.



1. Team FFLEX Online Training App

2. Preggo Fit Training Program 

3. Preggo Fit Flexible Nutrition Plan

4. Your own Preggo Fit Coach

5. Monthly Program Customization

6. 1 Facetime call per month

Month to Month
$399.99 Per Month

12 Month (most common)
$299.99 Per Month

Year Paid In Full
$2,999.99 Per year

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