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Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee Before Your Workout

You are tired and exhausted from a long day’s work or an early morning alarm and need a little extra punch to get you in the gym for a killer workout.

You go to your supplement supply in your kitchen cupboard and find that you have run out of your pre-workout drink. Instantly, your motivation drops and you question how you will ever complete a workout without your fabled brightly colored beverage.

Well fear not! You can still get the boost you need from something you probably already have on hand and regularly enjoy.


And it even has some additional health benefits.

Many pre-workout drinks are stuffed with things that are terrible for your body, mind and soul.

They are loaded with stimulants, artificial ingredients and unknown proprietary blends it is always a question of whether or not it will help you complete a fantastic workout or make you sick.

Coffee actually has a multitude of health benefits aside from your traditional caffeine boost and is overall accepted by many as a high quality source of energy.

Drink it black to burn the fat

When you drink your coffee black in the absence of sugar and cream you will trigger your body to turn into a fat burning machine. Caffeine alone accelerates metabolic function and will promote greater fat burning in the absence of exercise.

Drinking coffee prior to a workout only enhances this effect, meaning your body is more likely to burn fat storage's for energy instead of glycogen within the muscle tissue.

Mental focus

Completing a successful training session requires a ton of focus and energy. If you have brain fog from a long day’s work, you will quickly find yourself distracted, unmotivated and begging for ice cream and a movie on the couch.

Coffee has been shown in research to stimulate the central nervous system for greater concentration, alertness and attention to activity. It is safe to say these effects can only help you get through your grueling training session.

Higher Endurance Capacity

It doesn’t matter how you exercise, It is going to require some energy from your body. As energy depletes you can be left feeling exhausted and wishing you took a nap instead of hit the weights.

Coffee is an ergogenic source of energy and produces greater duration of energy production when taken prior to training.

You can expect the ability to get through your workout at a faster pace or simply notice the usual fatigue effects of exercise diminished to some degree.

Less muscle soreness during and after training

Any weekend warrior knows that hitting the gym and challenging your body means breaking down muscle tissues to build bigger muscle tissues. This more often than not produces soreness to some degree.

has been shown in research time and time again that subjects who ingest coffee prior to training produce less muscle pain before and after exercise. This is more than likely due to caffeine. One of the main ingredients in over the counter painkillers is often caffeine which is also found naturally occurring within coffee.

Overall health benefit

It is always better to get your pre-workout energy from a natural source as opposed to the junk you can find at your local supplement store. There is simply no question that getting energy from coffee or tea is a better choice than a chemical laden dyed powdery disaster “Drink”.

Next time you need a pre workout boost, don’t waste your time and money. Instead turn towards a familiar ally and brew a cup or two of the nectar of the gods – Coffee.

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