How to Deadlift more weight.

Ryan Milton Aug 2014

The Deadlift is one of the most foundational strength lifts there is. Who doesn’t love the primal feeling of pulling something heavy off the floor? A successful personal record always feels great and keeps you motivated. But with all great PR's come great plateaus. Nothing feels worse than to be have reached a plateau with your deadlift. Even worse is when you go to hit a weight you do regularly and it feels like a PR attempt. How do you come back  stronger than ever?


Warm up properly.

Its amazing to me that so many people walk right off the street and up to the barbell. Without a proper warm up and myofascial work you are cheating yourself out of some huge potential for gains. Today’s society literally makes us need to warm up. If you work out 1 hour a day, that is just 4% of the day. Where do you spend the rest of that time? At a desk job? Driving a car? Sedentary sitting in the house? Our bodies are designed to be active. And none of us stay active all day like we are designed to. Our fascia is like a sheet that covers all muscle tissues and is responsible for sliding and gliding the muscle fibers correctly. If to much time is spent inactive and in poor posture it can tighten up and cause postural distortions. These are subtle and you may not even notice them in your daily activities. Get on a foam roller hit your back, Hamstrings, Calves, and rollout any trigger points you can find before you lift. When it comes to exercise it makes all the difference in maintaining proper form and movement during the exercise at hand.





Master the form and technique.

This is the most important part of the deadlift. Sure you can pull weight with bad form and it will work. You might not have back pains or any side effects for a long time. But in the end your poor technique and form will get the best of you. Bad form and technique will inevitably lead to you not being able to deadlift at all. Possibly even with a serious injury. Avoid all these problems and become stronger the right way. Humble yourself with weight and focus on the form. Don’t worry about dropping weight because the stronger of a form foundation you can build the bigger the weights can grow.


Build your grip strength

As the weights get heavier it gets harder and harder to hold the barbell. Doesn’t matter how good your form is, if you can’t hold onto the barbell you will be unsuccessful in progressing further. I do not advocate the use of straps or other forms of assistance for this reason. If you’re a powerlifter trying to pull 900lbs off the floor then go ahead and strap up. But if you’re the average lifter straps and other forms of assistance just cheat your potential for becoming stronger. Building a solid grip strength will help sky rocket all your lifts, so use your hands like you were intended. For this I recommend farmers carrys. Grab 2 heavy dumbbells and walk. Stand tall as if you had a string tied to the top of your head and something was pulling you up. This is going to keep your spine stable. Pull your shoulders back. And squeeze the handles as tight as you can. Try to walk for atleast 30 seconds for 3-4 sets. 





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